Science Exposed

In partnership with Shaw Medicine Hat, we are pleased to present the "‘Science Exposed’ series. Each episode visits different topics in science and goes through the steps of various science experiments that you can try at home or in your classroom.


Episode 1

Explore the science of sound, Part 1.


Episode 2

Exploring Liquids! Learn about surface tension, cohesion and sublimation - just to name a few!


Episode 3

The science of sound, Part 2.


Episode 4

Static electricity! Check this out for some simple and fun experiments, as well as the more spectacular Van de Graff generator.


Episode 5

Did you know you can make batteries out of fruits and veggies? Or make a circuit with home made dough? Find out how!


Episode 6

Is it science or magic? Learn how to make art with milk and how to create your own cloud


Episode 7

Try some experiments to do outside. Let’s make a mess!