For the overall category:
Grades 1-2: Jordan Carr
Grades 3-4: Victoria Rooks
Grades 5-6: Sarah Lewall and Sarah Pribyl
Junior High: Emily Warwick

Additional Categories:
Most visually appealing: Clare Lewall
Most Creative Concept of the Future: Nadia
Most Complete Vision: Maia Lee
Most Creative Use of Materials: Finn Barbour and Kema Kohlman
Most Innovative Use of Technology: Ayden Rooks

Winner of the Clem Laforce Award

We are proud to announce that the winner of the first Clem Larforce award is Gary McFarlane! Gary has not only been an active volunteer in the science community for over 25 years, but he was also the founding member of Praxis. We are very pleased to bestow this award to Gary and honour Clem's memory.

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Calendar of Events:

May 12-21: Science & Technology Week

May 17: Operation Thoth

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