Praxis Family Science Olympics

Family Science Olympics
in partnership with MHC

Hosted in mid October, this is designed to celebrate the wonder, excitement and amazement of science and technology. It is free for families to participate, supported by the Praxis Society and local like-minded organizations and business. Students from the Education program at the Medicine Hat College create science stations and teach the science behind each experiment and demonstration.

Praxis Family Science Olympics

The Family Science Olympics is designed as a fun-filled day that will please, intrigue and inspire “scientists” of all ages.  Our first Olympics was held in 1993 and each year has proven to be very popular family oriented activity. There are be 12 “hands-on” events. Each event will have a prize draw that a family can enter when they have finished the activity.  Families that complete all ten events earn an opportunity to enter the grand prize.  There is no charge for families to participate in this popular community event, the Praxis Family Science Olympics.  All activities can be completed by people of all ages but each “family” must have at least one person over the age of 18 to participate. (Friends of family members may join your family to participate in this event so if your son or daughter's friend(s) wants to come along its OK with us.)

Family Science Olympics Photo Galleries

Praxis Family Science Olympics 1993