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*Thoth is the Egyptian God of wisdom and the moon. The creator of everything his name means  'Truth' and 'Time'. As such, he was believed to be the inventor of astronomy, engineering, botany, geometry and land surveying. For more information download: ThothEgyptionDemi-God.pdf


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Praxis' Operation Thoth Conference participants view the Power Engineering facilities at Medicine Hat College.

Praxis' Operation Thoth Conference: Medicine Hat College Biology Lab

What is Operation Thoth?

Operation Thoth is a one day conference organized  by Praxis to expose up to 30  potential young male students currently in grade nine from our service area (South East Alberta) to career opportunities in fields that have a component in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; the STEM subjects. Created in 2010-2011 as the counter-point to the successful Operation Minerva,  Operation Thoth is a day-long conference involving tours of businesses and facilities in Medicine Hat and/or area. The purpose of Operation Thoth is to develop an understanding  in grade nine young men of the importance of selecting the STEM courses in high school  in order to qualify for appropriate faculties in post-secondary institutions. The conference may include job shadowing  with male role models, innovative workshops/displays, on-site tours, formal/informal group  discussions and opportunities for establishing networks.

Goals of Operation Thoth:

  1. To encourage grade nine young men to consider Science, Technology, Engineering and Math related careers (the STEM areas), and to demonstrate the importance of enrolling in these courses in high school to achieve these ends.

  2. To provide an experiential base to assist the young men in their decision making when planning their high school and post secondary educational programs.

  3. To showcase the opportunities in the STEM fields in the Medicine Hat area.

  4. To dispel, in the minds of students “scientist”, "nerd" and "math geek" myths and stereotypes and to show that Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are important and interesting.

  5. To allow participants an informative yet “fun” experience in an effort to enhance and develop positive attitudes towards courses and careers in the STEM fields.

  6. To increase the numbers of South East Alberta young men pursuing STEM area career paths.

  7. To increase media exposure for the STEM areas resulting in greater public understanding of the impact of these fields in society.

You couldn’t improve it. It’s just that good.
— student feedback Operation Thoth participant

Praxis' Operation Thoth Conference visit to Cancarb.

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