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Why Science Fair?

Involvement in science fair is one of the best ways for students to learn about science.  Conducting a science project is a prime example of active learning, allowing students to become engaged with scientific ideas, process information, integrate ideas with current knowledge, and transfer their learning to other situations.  Use of active learning methods is a very effective instructional approach and is often recommended as a cornerstone to successful science teaching.

 There are many advantages and endless opportunities for students involved in science fair, including:

  • Learning and applying the scientific method
  • Diving into interesting topics
  • Taking a creative approach to problem solving
  • Sharpening written and oral communication skills
  • Honing library and computer research skills
  • Developing time management skills
  • Earning significant prizes
  • Qualifying for scholarships
  • Distinguishing college and university applications

Although most students get involved in science fair through their science teachers and their school science fairs, these are not necessary to enter the regional fair. Students can enter the regional fair independently of their school. If students choose to do this, it is strongly encouraged that they obtain a mentor or other guidance in order to carry out their project.


Many awards are available at the Regional Science Fair, including cash prizes for best project in each category.  Students in Grades 7-12 also compete for a chance to attend the Canada Wide Science Fair, which will be held in Ottawa, ON in 2018.

We also give away some fantastic prizes during our trivia session prior to the awards ceremony!

Other awards include:

  • DRDC Award
  • HatSmart Award
  • SEAWA Award
  • APEGA Award
  • Genome Alberta Award
  • Astronomy Award
  • Operation Minerva Award

Additional Information

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