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Our motto is "Making Science Fun" click here for some fun links and   videos and a large collection of useful STEM (Science, Technology,   Engineering & Mathematics) and education links are here.

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... helping Science Teachers in S.E. Alberta for over 20 years

#12, 826 11th Street SE
Medicine Hat, AB T1A 1T7
Ph: 403-527-5365 Fax: 403-487-5504
praxis@praxismh.ca www.PraxisMedHat.com
Facebook: PraxisMedHat Twitter: @PraxisMedHat

Who is *Praxis?

The Praxis Society is a registered charitable organization run by a volunteer board. Please consider being an active supporter of Praxis through joining Praxis, becoming a Praxis volunteer (classroom speaker etc.) or donating to Praxis.

Link to our Board of Directors.

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What is *Praxis?

*Praxis (noun): The process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, practised, embodied, or realized.

Praxis: SE Alberta Science Outreach Network, is your link to educational and scientific communities in South Eastern Alberta.

The Praxis Society's vision is to provide positive science experiences and support to our area residents, especially youth, through facilitating or providing access to science and technology resources. 

We have numerous programs to connect not only classrooms but also the general public with science knowledge and activities.

We author the Science Smart articles which are published every Saturday in the Medicine Hat News. These articles are short activities or experiments designed to use everyday items to reinforce or "discover" results related to various science topics. They are family oriented, that is they are designed to be accomplished by a child with the help of an adult.

We provide free of charge for a two week loan, educational science kits, models and equipment based on the Alberta Science curriculum. We also have some kits that are based on the holiday season (Christmas etc.).

We will help organize classroom field trips for teachers or through our SEiTC program (Scientist or Engineer in The Classroom) we'll try to find classroom subject area specialists to talk to a teacher's class about any topic in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics).

Click on our Services menu option to review or book our different services.

Throughout the school year Praxis hosts a number of special events including Family Science Olympics (October - all family members and ages), Operation Minerva (March - grade 9 girls), Science Fair (March - grades 4-12),  & Operation Thoth (April - grade 9 boys).

(See Praxis Documents for docx versions of these documents and more.)