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What if I need to borrow the kit for longer?

If borrower anticipates that a kit is desired beyond its due date then merely contact Praxis via phone or email and request an extension (please do this before the day it is due). There are over 700 teachers in our SE Alberta service area and late kit returns can cause significant issues for the next students and their teacher who may have reserved it. Late kits are expected to be delivered by the borrower directly to the Praxis office as soon as possible so that we may prepare them for the next booking.

Can teachers get digital copies of the information in the kits?

While we have been accumulating activities, experiments and information in our kits for over 20 years some of the more recent information in our kits are in digital form which we can provide to teachers for their development of PowerPoint or SmartBoard lessons. The only condition is that what is developed, is share with us so we are able to also add this to our kits. Normally the contributors name is attached to the lesson unless the teacher wishes to remain anonymous. Subsequent teachers who then borrow the electronic lessons and modify it to meet their needs and resources are then expected to allow us to add their version to our resource kits.


All of the learning kits contain the resources that allows you, the educator, to promote hands-on learning. The kits also contain information relevant to the respective topic and are Alberta curriculum specific. The learning resource  kits are appropriate and adaptable to your grade level. Some suggestions for grade level use are included with the topic.

In addition to the learning resource kits, Praxis also loans out models and equipment. The following link is a chart that allows you to see at a glance all the hands-on resources that are available for free for your use with your students. 

Praxis Resources Correlated to the Grades 1 - 12 Alberta Science Curriculum (pdf) (docx)


Learning kits may be borrowed, at no charge, for one to two weeks at a time. One week for home school parents and two weeks for teachers. However if more than one teacher in the school will be using the kit it may be booked for up to three or four weeks. Booking in advance is necessary to ensure kit availability.

Teachers are expected to check the kit contents when they first receive it and let us know via email if there are any problems. Teachers are expected to use the checklist once again prior to returning the kit to ensure that everything is present (and clean) and complete the feedback form. Feedback helps us keep our kits current and useful as well as providing a source of anecdotal comments that are shared with our funders.



Kits are delivered to SD76 and PRRD teachers through the regular school delivery system and returned in the same manner. Notice that the kit has been placed into the delivery system is emailed to the teacher on the day that it is dropped off at their respective central office.

MHCBE teachers, kits are delivered to the MHCBE central office and teachers pick up the kits themselves (an email is sent out to the teacher from Praxis on the day that it is delivered for pick-up). MHCBE teachers return the kits to their central office on the day that it is due (please let us know via email that you have done so).

All others borrowing our kits etc. are responsible for their own pick-up and return directly at our Praxis office. These items must be returned on the day that it is due. Please phone or email us for details regarding access to our office.

Note: Please phone us If you are dropping off or picking up an item at the Praxis office to ensure that someone will be there to assist you.

Reserving Resources

Reserve resources on-line (our preferred method as it gives us the information we need), give us a call,  or fax in your request. The more notice you give us the better your chance of receiving the kit exactly when you want it. A couple weeks lead time in booking a kit is reasonable but you could make your requests  at almost anytime and we'll see what we can do. Some teachers book our services in June or the Summer for the following school year.

Note: If you'd like a subject matter specialist to speak to your class while your class is on a kit's topic or perhaps do a field trip to a business or location related to the topic, just add this request in the note section of the online form and we'll see what we can do.

To Reserve a Learning Resource for your Class

Book Learning Resources Online (Our preferred method - redirects to a jotform, a new window will open.) 


Print and Fax 403-528-6570