Field Trips

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MHC Saturday Chem Lab with Brad Pavelich

'As a graduating high school student doing a Chem 201 lab it really helped me get a better understanding of the class and what's in store for next year. Not only did we get credit for the lab but we also used state of the art equipment and got to build a foundation for a very important student-teacher relationship. What added to the day was the fact that a college teacher gave up his weekend to organize and  supervise an experiment to get students excited about science.   All in all it was educational, fun and well worth a Saturday morning.' - Marya Aman grade 11 student

Please note that you may have to adjust your classroom schedule to accommodate the dates and times that a business or organization is available to your students. Our only expectation in return for locating a venue for you is that you answer some questions to help the hosts prepare for your class, to fine tune our ability to match up requests with appropriate locations and as a source of statistics for our funders. You are also required to complete an feedback form after the session. A small price to pay for your students to experience the knowledge and skill that is being freely provided to you and your class.

Praxis has a number of contacts among local businesses, organizations and professionals that have a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) component as a major facet of their endeavors  Field trips are very motivating and applicable to all grade levels. Through interacting in the local community, many students are better able to see the real life connection between STEM and the classroom. All of the tour locations are eager to be involved in the educational community.

Give us a call, book on-line (our preferred method) or fax in your request and we will try to match you up! The more notice you give us the better our chances of finding a host site for your class tour. A six week lead is reasonable but you could make your requests  at almost anytime and we'll see what we can do. Some teachers book our services in June or over the Summer for the following school year.

Gerry Ehlert MHC with Kora Kuehn grade 6 students at Ross Glen School

To book a Field Trip for your class:

Book Classroom Speakers Online (Our preferred method - redirects to an ASLA booking form.) Please add Field Trip Request in the note section.

Phone us at 403-527-5365

Print Request Form and Fax 403-528-6570

Background information questions whose answers will be requested only after successfully locating a venue location for your class.