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Our volunteers are experts in their particular area and are very willing to come in and show your students the connection between what they are learning in the class and the "real" world. Through this interaction, many students are better able to see the real life connection between science and the classroom. One thing is for sure, all of the volunteers are eager to be involved in the educational community.

Our volunteers include Medicine Hat College instructors, Department of National Defense - Suffield scientists, local club members (astronomy and rocks), retired professionals, hobbyists etc. but what they all have in common is an expertise that they are willing to share. Please contact us if you know someone that we should be asking to join our group of volunteers.

Give us a call, book on-line (our preferred method) or fax in your request and we will try to match you up! The more notice you give us the better our chances of finding a volunteer to speak to your class. A six week lead is reasonable but you could make your requests  at almost anytime and we'll see what we can do. Some teachers book our services in June or over the Summer for the following school year.

Please note that you may have to adjust your schedule to accommodate the dates and times that that speaker is available since most of our volunteers have busy calendars filled with obligations to family and work. Our only expectation in return for locating a speaker for you is that you answer some questions that we need to help our presenters prepare for your class, to fine tune our ability to match up requests with our bank of speakers and as a source of statistics for our funders. You are also required to complete a feedback form after the presentation. A small price to pay for your students to experience the knowledge and skill that is being freely provided to you and your class.

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To book a Scientist or Engineer for your classroom:

SEiTC Evaluation Form (pdf and docx formats)

Book Classroom Speakers Online (Our preferred method - redirects to an ASLA booking form)

Teachers will need to provide us with the answers to background information questions to help the presenter prepare for their class. This will be requested only after successfully locating a speaker for your class.

  • Classroom Speaker Emailed Questions for Teacher (pdf) (docx)

Print and Fax 403-528-6570

Phone us at 403-527-5365