Praxis Services at a Glance:

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Praxis: SE Alberta Science Outreach Network, based in Medicine Hat, has many services to offer as a means of promoting STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)  to the residents of our corner of the province.

only search the Praxis Society Medicine Hat website

Ask A Scientist: Email or phone in your STEM related question and if we can't answer it we'll try to find someone qualified who can.

Classroom SpeakersPraxis has a resource of Scientists, Engineers and other subject matter specialists in areas applicable to all grade levels. These include: dinosaurs, bridge design, computers and robotics; just to name a few. 

Community Events: Invite us to your event and maybe we will be able to set up our interactive displays.

Ed List Serve: Join our Ed List Serve and you'll periodically receive links to STEM related websites.

Field Trips: Let us help you locate a host site for your STEM related field trip.

Learning Resource Kits, Models and Equipment: We have learning resource kits, models and equipment that promotes hands-on learning. We loan these out for free.

MHC Summer Camps: Praxis provides resources for the MHC Summer Camp program.

Operation Minerva: A Praxis organized conference that promotes STEM education to grade nine girls.

Operation Thoth: A Praxis organized conference that promotes STEM education to grade nine boys.

Praxis Family Science Olympics: Praxis sponsored popular family community event held every year during National Science and Technology week since 1993.

Science Clubs: Interested in forming a Science Club? Perhaps we can help you.

Science Fair: The Kiwanis South East Alberta Regional Science Fair is open to all students in grades 4 to 12.

Teacher Workshops & PD: We can help you organize a STEM workshop or participate in your PD event at your school or in your district/division.

Tips for Parents: Peruse or growing collection of tips for parents to promote STEM education to their children.

Videos Et Cetra - Just for Science Fun!: A small collection of interesting or fun science links that entertain, inform and motivate.

Web Links; A very large collection of STEM, parenting, and educational related links.