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We occasionally come across Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) websites that we feel are just too good not to share. We have set up an "Ed. List Serve". When we come across one of these sites we share their links via email at a rate of about 1 to 5 times a month.  Email us if you'd like to subscribe and we'll put you on our broadcast list. The links to these sites are added to our Web Links page.

Have you got a site you'd like to share, then please mail it to us; we'll review it and if appropriate share it.

By the way, if you have not yet discovered the TheTeacherList.ca by Pete MacKay. He shares one educational related website each day, Monday through Friday. Check our his site for more information.


Sample of a "Ed List Serve":

  • From: Praxis
  • Sent: Friday,
  • Subject: McGill Cancer Research

I never thought I would send one of those “click on the link to for donations for cancer research” but this one is legit. It is very well done and is very entertaining. It is embedded on the Canada Wide Science Fair site and the information on this page says it all. Thanks to Barb at our sister organization SACT in Lethbridge for drawing my attention to this site.


I think we need to see people in science having a little fun now and then as positive role models in promoting the benefits of a good science education.


PS Check out the video, even some old guys like me can have some fun too! And I bet you won’t sit still while you watch it! Each viewing of the video results in a donation for Cancer Research.