Praxis Documents

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Alphabetical listing of commonly requested Praxis: SE Alberta Science Outreach Network documents:

  • Brochure: Kits (pdf)
  • Brochure: Services (pdf)
  • Calendar Current (pdf) (jpg)
  • Calendar SD76 Next Year (pdf) (docx)
  • Classroom Speaker (SEiTC) Feedback (pdf) (docx)
  • Classroom Speaker Emailed Questions for Teacher (pdf) (docx)
  • FOIP Adult Release Form (pdf) (docx)
  • FOIP Child & Parent Release Form (pdf) (docx)
  • Kits, Models & Equipment Correlated to Alberta Education Grade 1-12 Science Curriculum  (pdf) (docx)
  • Learning Resources Kit Feedback (pdf) (docx)
  • Learning Resource Kit Request Fax Form (pdf)
  • Links (link)
  • Newsletters (link)
  • Operation Minerva Volunteer Application Form (pdf) (docx)
  • Privacy Policy (pdf) (docx)
  • Praxis By-laws (pdf) (docx)
  • Science Fair Documents (link)
  • Science Smart Articles (link)
  • School Handbook Insert (pdf)
  • Volunteer Application (pdf) (docx)


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