*Curricular Grade Level and Topic

  • Kindergarten & PreKindergarten
  • Grade 1 - Unit E Needs of Animals & Plants
  • Grade 4 - Unit E Plant Growth & Changes
  • Grade 7 - Unit B Plant For Food & Fibre

*Praxis Resources Correlated to the Grades 1 - 12 Alberta Science Curriculum.

Classroom Speaker or Field Trip

Don`t forget to ask us to locate a classroom speaker such as a botanist or help you arrange a field trip such as a visit to a greenhouse. Just include this additional request in the note section of the online reservation form  when you are booking your kit.

Plants Learning Kit Contents

Plants Kit Contents (pdf, docx)

Duo Tangs/Books/Booklets:

  • Can You Dig It? Binder)
  • Growth & Change in Plants (black binder grade 2 & 3 with activity sheets)
  • Nature Projects (duo tang)
  • Plants & Seeds (duo tang)
  • The Kids Canadian Plant (book)
  • The Science of Living Things – What is a Plant (book)


  • Potting Soil
  • Variety of Pots
  • Variety of Seeds (marigold, radish, carrot, bean, chestnut, canola, flax, Durham Wheat, Spring Wheat, barley, oats and field peas)


  • Grow a Bean (2)
  • Root View (2)
  • Seed to Plant Model


  • Our Home and Native Plants
  • Botany Flip Chart (includes master worksheets on Leaves, Plant Cells, Roots, Pollination, Seed Formation, Corn, Seed Dispersal, Germination, Flowers, Stems)
  • Wheat to Flour (game)

Note: You may also wish to order the Germination Model.

Plants *Links

Plants Links (pdfdocx)

  • What is CO2?  http://www.wonderville.ca/asset/whatisco2 Join a quirky little boy on his quest to discover facts about CO2 and the efforts underway to reduce and manage greenhouse gas emissions. This short animated video is ideal for use in the Grade 4 Plant Growth Changes and Waste and Our World.
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