Insects & Creepy Crawlies

*Curricular Grade Level and Topic

  • Kindergardten and PreKindergarten
  • Grade 1 - Unit E Needs of Plants & Animals
  • Grade 2 - Unit E Small Crawling and Flying Animals
  • Grade 3 - Unit E Animal Life Cycles

*Praxis Resources Correlated to the Grades 1 - 12 Alberta Science Curriculum.

Classroom Speaker or Field Trip

Don`t forget to ask us to locate a classroom speaker such as a biologist or help you arrange a "bug" field trip such as a visit to city park. Just include this additional request in the note section of the online reservation form  when you are booking your kit.

Insects & Creepy Crawlies Learning Kit *Contents

Insects & Creepy Crawlies Kit #1 Contents (pdf, docx)

Insects & Creepy Crawlies Kit #2 Contents (pdf, docx)

*Contents of kits may vary.


Duo Tangs/Books/Booklets:

  • Backyard Safari (book)
  • Backyard Bloodsuckers (book)
  • Bugs of Alberta (book)
  • Butterflies and Moths (duo tang)
  • Butterfly Metamorphoses (book)
  • Eyewitness Books – Insects (book with poster & CD)
  • Fandex Family Field Guides – Bugs (book)
  • Frog Metamorphoses (book)
  • Fun Facts for Curious Kids – Insects (book)
  • Insects (book)
  • Insects & Creepy Crawlies (binder – includes Microviewer slide #18 “Insect Parts” and laminated cards:
  • Frogs 1-3, Dragonfly 1-3 and Butterfly 1-4, see large plastic envelope for additional cards)
  • Insect Identification Guide (Orkin book)
  • Spiders (duo tang)
  • Take a Walk with Butterflies & Dragonflies (books)
  • Who Am I – Insects (books)


  • Beetle (preserved)
  • Bug glasses
  • Bug sucker (kitchen baster)
  • Butterfly Insect Case (compressed)
  • Butterfly Nets (2)
  • Insect cards (large plastic envelope)
  • Microviewer
  • Pooter (sample)
  • Port-a-bug (pop up)
  • Tweezers (2)
  • Wasp nest in a jar
  • Wasp nest pieces (plastic container)


  • Fascinating Facts about Insects (poster)
  • Important Forest Insects (poster)
  • Insects (poster)
  • Spotter’s Guide to the Nastiest Bugs in the Backyard (laminated sheet)


  • Ant Colony
  • Ant Life Cycle (small ziplock bag)
  • Bug Jug
  • Butterfly Life Cycle (plastic container)
  • Crawly Set (Nature World)
  • Plastic Insects (plastic container)
  • Triple Bug Viewer (red tweezers)
  • Insect Explorer Kit

Insects & Creepy Crawlies *Links

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