Science Activities, Logic Puzzles, Event Kits & Summer Camp Kits

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Activities & Logic Puzzles:

Bubbles Kit

  • Grades 4 - 12 Testing Hypothesis
  • Grade 7 Unit B Cells & Systems
  • Biology 20 Unit A Energy & Matter Exchange in the Biosphere
  • Biology 30 Unit C Cells, Genetics & Molecular Biology

Screaming Chicken Kit

  • Grades K-3 Observation and Problem Solving
  • Grade 1 Unit D Senses
  • Grade 3 Topic D Hearing & Sound

Secret Message Kit

  • Grades K-3 Kitchen Chemistry
  • Grade 1 Unit A Creating Colour
  • Grade 5 Unit C Classroom Chemistry
Praxis Secret Message Kit

Praxis Secret Message Kit

Tied in Knots Kit

  • Grade 4-12 Testing Hypothesis

Camps, Events or Thematic Kits:


(If you'd like a subject matter specialist to speak to your class while you on a kit's topic, just add this request in the note section of the online form.)