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Students from three school districts participated in the Inside Education Student Summit - Grasslands, Prairie Rose and Horizons. A huge thank you to Cathy Linowski from MHC, Patty Rooks from Praxis, Charlene Gilmore-Schauf and Craig Marshall from Methanex, Ken Pearl from Palliser Airshed, Tracy Kupchenko from Alberta Energy Regulators, Brooklyn Neubeker from SEAWA, and the Pheasants Forever: Alberta Fish and Wildlife. Each presenter posed a big questions for the students and helped them brainstorm answers.

We’d also like to thank the City of Medicine Hat for allowing the group to tour the Solar Plant and the Windmills. It was an amazing day for the students!

Operation Minerva

Operation Minerva is fast approaching! Be sure to speak with your grade nine teacher for more information. You can also call our office for more information, or download our brochure here.

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Calendar of Events:

December 3: Inside Education Summit

January 22: Operation Minerva


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