Clément Laforce was an engineer who could read people, blue prints, organizational charts and budgets as well as anyone. Over more than 20 years, he applied these skills and more in the service of the communities of Medicine Hat and Alberta.

In 2005, he was a recipient of the Alberta Centennial Medal. He earned this award, in-part, through his efforts and countless hours supporting science and technology literacy for youth, through leadership positions in Praxis and in forerunners of the Alberta Science Network. His leadership and organizational skills still impact the highly successful Science Fair and lead-up school-based science fairs and related activities.

Many in Medicine Hat  and surrounding areas in South East Alberta, can trace an important experience in science, technology, engineering or maths, to something he organized, or did or built, including relationships with educators, industry and technology leaders in the community, and the many volunteers he was instrumental in recruiting.

In Clem's honour, it is our intent to establish a yearly award in his memory and in-recognition of his, and our interests in Science and Technology Literacy for young people. This award is given to an individual who has distinguished themselves in demonstrating or promoting science and technology for youth.

Clem accepting an award for his service to Praxis in 2012, presented by Cathy Linowski.

Clem demonstrating an earthquake at the 2011 Family Science Olympics.

Clem demonstrating an earthquake at the 2011 Family Science Olympics.